Happy Kids, Inc: Yes, Jason Mraz, I Love "Yes"
Friday, July 18, 2014

Yes, Jason Mraz, I Love "Yes"

By Meg Hodson

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored campaign for Jason Mraz and #SPREADYES. All thoughts, opinions and swooning over Jason Mraz are of my own volition.

As many of my readers know, I am a huge devotee of music.  It's been a meaningful part of my life since childhood.  I get excited when I hear my favorite songs and artists.  

Jason Mraz has been a favorite artist of mine for a long time.  Like many, I instantly fell in love with him with his quintessential hit I'm Yours. But then he appeared on Sesame Street and that pretty much sealed the deal for me...he is fabulous.

Jason Mraz has a new album out entitled Yes.  I spent the evening with only a glass of wine and this music. Kids were in bed, no distractions.  That is pretty much heaven on earth for me! In true Mraz form, each song was undeniably his.  

The smooth sounds with swoon-worthy lyrics are sprinkled throughout many of the songs on the album.  I took particular note on Love Someone. We are tempted with the lyrics "love is a funny thing, whenever I give it, it comes back to me...."  Such thoughtfulness continues on the song Long Drive as Mraz croons "best night of my life, with you riding, your hand on my hand..." Yep, it's pretty much the ultimate drive-with-the-top-down-in-summer song.
Jason Mraz Yes SpreadYes
If you love the vibe of his groundbreaking hit I'm Yours, there are a few songs to listen to over and over. Hello, You Beautiful Thing (well, the title says it all, right?) and 3 Things will hit the right chord.  Mraz captures that perfect balance of emotion and hypnotic, catchy music to bring you an album that will be hard to resist.

Somehow Mraz has been able to put a slightly new twist on his recognizable sound.  It's comforting without being too predictable. There's even a trace of more soul on this album, which I LOVE and was unexpected. 

Take a preview of his album on Spotify and enjoy!

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