Happy Kids, Inc: Don't Like Yourself On Social Media
Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Don't Like Yourself On Social Media

By Meg Hodson

I agree, we all want to be stars on social media.  We want a good following and lots of people sharing and retweeting. Bottom line, we want to look good and make a great impression.  

One of the easiest ways to impress people that follow you on social media is likes.  We all hope for as many "thumbs up" as possible on what we share, whether that be likes on Facebook and Instagram or retweets on Twitter.  

I've noticed a strange albeit not surprising trend across Facebook and Instagram.....users liking their own posts.  You can't retweet your own tweet, so why should you be able to like your own post?  Here are a few reasons why I argue NOT to do this:

1.  We Already Know You Like It.  You took the time to craft a meaningful post that you want to share with the world.  The fact that you are posting it is proof enough that you like your own post.  You posted it, of course you like it!  Let others do the liking for you.

2. You Don't Want To Appear Arrogant.  To me, it actually comes off as a big pompous when you like your own post.  It also appears silly.  It's the equivalent to walking around and stating out loud "I like me!" On social media, prove you are amazing by posting meaningful content.

3. Strive For Organic, Real Engagement.  I am assuming that pages and individuals that like their own posts are hoping to "get the ball rolling" with achieving a higher level of likes.  Is your one like really going to make a difference? Probably not. You should be striving for true engagement.  Liking yourself is not going to accomplish this.  Crafting authentic, thoughtful posts will.

4.  Like What Others Post.  Take the time to appreciate what others that you follow post.  Like content you find valuable, make a comment.  Chances are, you will network and meet other like-minded individuals on social media, thus building your presence.  After all, that is the whole point, right? If we aren't sharing and exchanging information with those interested in what you have to say, then social media becomes dead.  Let's keep it authentic and alive.

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