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Sponsor/Button Swap

Thank you for visiting my sponsor page!  I post 4-6 articles per week.  I promote my blog heavily on all social media outlets, including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Storify, Pinterest, Paper.li, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Digg, Reddit, Instagram, and Moped.  I have guest blogged on other sites and receive 30000+ visitors per month on our site.

I currently have 5440 Twitter followers, 2020 Pinterest followers, 1310 Facebook followers, 1180 Google + followers, and 1380 Instagram followers.  We would love to have you on board!

Guest Blogging.  I frequently guest blog and invite inquiries.  I currently guest blog with fellow bloggers at no charge (for the first post) if we are doing a "post swap" (I post on your blog, you post on mine).I also offer guest blog services below. Guest blog posts include social media promotion.  Please email Meg to inquire.

Product Reviews.  Please see my packages for product reviews below.  If you need us to sample and try your product, you are responsible for product cost and shipping costs to us.  If your needs require fine tuning, please email Meg with your specific promotional needs and we will prepare a quote for you.

Giveaways.  Would you like to promote your product with a giveaway?  I host both giveaways and product review/giveaway combos.  Participation includes social media promotion.  Some basic product review and giveaway packages are available below. If your giveaway requires custom specifications, please email me with your proposal.  I can also do bulk promotion and giveaways of your product with other bloggers. Please email me for more details on that specifically.

Advertising.  Please peruse our packages below for various tiers of advertising for your blog or product. We have standard blog ads, ads with social media promotion, button swaps, and a sponsor spot for blog hops.

Co-Hosting and Sponsoring the Bloglovin' Blog Hop.  I host a weekly blog hop aimed at increasing your Bloglovin' followers.  It on average draws between 140-190 linkers.  The co-host fee is $5 and covers the entire month of hops.  The sponsor fee is $6 and covers the entire month of hops.  Lots of perks are included with that fee, including a designed follow button, pre-loaded in the linky, and social media shouts. These spots are available for purchase here on our sponsor page, but please know your month assignment might vary on availability.  You can purchase multiple spots.

Social Media Management.  Do you need help with managing your social pages or keeping up your blog?  I offer specialized packages for your needs on a case by case basis.  Please email me for details and a quote.

Blogging Campaigns. I run blogging campaigns for brands and companies, ranging anywhere from short term social media promotion, to more involved campaigns involving bloggers, blog posts, and giveaways. Please email me for details.


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