Happy Kids, Inc: My Thoughts On Season XIV of American Idol
Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Thoughts On Season XIV of American Idol

By Meg Hodson

Wow, Season XIV of American Idol. I think it's safe to call yourself an American institution at that point! And it is. For me, American Idol continues to be the reality singing show I go to. Yes, I have watched The Voice a couple times. But maybe it's because I've been watching American Idol for so long that it feels like home to me. 

American Idol Judges Keith Urban Jennifer Lopez Harry Connick Jr

American Idol Judge Keith Urban

This season, we have seen the return of American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick, Jr., and Keith Urban. Ryan Seacrest is back for his 14th season as host. While I still may long for Simon Cowell and his rock hard criticism and amazing skill at choosing talent, let's look at the here and now. The reality is that this is a great group of judges with solid chemistry. Let's face, we did not have that chemistry when Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey were on the show. American Idol learned their lesson and moved on. The current judges are a good fit.

Elizabeth Traub at American Idol Hollywood Week IdolTweethearts

Meg Hodson and Elizabeth Traub at American Idol Hollywood Week IdolTweethearts

I got the chance to get some behind-the-scenes access to Hollywood Week for American Idol this season back in October. It is one of my favorite parts of the competition. No one can deny that there is talent out there this year. So far, except for one or two misses, I agree with who has advanced and now makes up the Top 24. My wish is that American Idol focuses not only on the talent, but finding that balance between talent, stage presence, and star quality. Just because you have "the look" won't make you a pop star. 

I also like the fact that there seems to be a nice balance between veteran performers (like Nick Fradiani) and newbies who haven't really performed much (Daniel Seavey). While it makes me a little apprehensive that contestants like Daniel have made it through to this point, I think this is what sets American Idol apart from shows like The Voice. While The Voice seems to focus strictly on seasoned musicians, American Idol provides a nice balance of backgrounds. 

Meg Hodson and Elizabeth Traub Sneak Peek of American Idol

Who are you rooting for this year on American Idol?

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