Happy Kids, Inc: A Case For Valentine's Day
Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Case For Valentine's Day

By Meg Hodson

Which camp are you in? It seems there are two pretty clearly drawn lines when it comes to Valentine's Day: those that celebrate it lovingly and those that could care less or are very anti-Valentine's Day. Many of you probably were in the latter camp, but have been converted to the former because you are in love/have a significant other/are married. Some of you will always be in one or the other. In any case, I give you my argument for celebrating Valentine's Day.

Don't worry, I've heard all the sound bites:

"Why do we need Valentine's Day? We should celebrate love everyday!"

"A day devoted to celebrating love sounds perfect to me."

"All that tacky Valentine's stuff makes me sick!"

1. We Need More Love In The World. Okay, mondaine I suppose. But putting down a day that celebrates love? Okay, you may hate Hallmark cards and heart-shaped boxes, but for those who are truly celebrating just love, how can you argue with that?

2. But We Can Celebrate Our Love Everyday.....Not! Let's face it, if you are 20, in love, and single, you are absolutely right....celebrate that love EVERYDAY! Stay out until 2am, go to every romantic restaurant in town JUST BECAUSE. But if you have a full time job, kids, are married, or have other commitments that KEEP YOU BUSY, then the reality is that it won't be wine and roses every night. It just won't. That's a fact. So, having a day that is set, is on the calendar, can help make that celebration happen, if but for one night.

3. Keep It Classy. While I am a fan of the big V, I am not a fan of the following: cheesy, overstuffed teddy bears, chocolates in heart shaped boxes, a dozen red roses (c'mon boys, get creative!), and cards that sing (and for that matter, stuffed animals that sing!),  What I am a fan of: a personalized flower bouquet, custom chocolates in my favorite flavors, my favorite wine chilling in the fridge when I get home from work, massage oil with at least vanilla in the scent notes that will be rubbed on my shoulders, unexpected surprises (think a gift card for coffee waiting in my car in the morning). As long as you make it personal about your sweetie pie, it's all good.

While there are definitely some traditions of Valentine's Day I'm not a fan of, the day itself should be enjoyed, even celebrated. Carve out special time with your loved one. Call your Mom and tell her you love her. Squeeze your sister extra tight. Tell your babies you love them more than anything in the world (yeah, you probably do that everyday, but today you can tell them 20 times!).

Happy Valentine's Day.

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