Happy Kids, Inc: Why I Might Delete Minecraft
Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why I Might Delete Minecraft

By Meg Hodson

My son, who is 8 years old, received an iPod Touch from us for Christmas. We felt he was ready to take on the responsibility of having a device like that. He has enjoyed games and educational apps on our phones and iPad. He uses the technology in school. It was time. 

I knew it was coming. Of course he would want to add some of his favorite games to his new iPod. But there was one game I was dreading being asked to add: Minecraft. And this opinion comes pretty much unfounded. I honestly know almost nothing about the game. The only thing I really knew is that kids were obsessed with it. 

I am not even sure he has played it that much. I think he might have played it a few times at birthday parties or play dates. Yet he wanted it bad. So, I decided we would give it a try (after I interviewed my 10 year about any potential "blood and guts" and read the app reviews carefully).

As with most new toys, he was on his iPod a lot of Christmas vacation; that was fine until we got back to the real world of school and schedules. His game of choice for the most part has been Minecraft. 

Here is the number one reason why I already can't stand this game: it is anti-social. Now, you might think I am crazy. Aren't all devices anti-social? Well, yes and no. When I am checking Twitter on my phone, it inevitably starts up a conversation between myself and my husband. When my children are playing Angry Birds, they get excited or shout things out. My son and I have been playing Draw Something and that has been great. Not only is their a built-in social factor, but we will chuckle about our terrible drawings when playing other people. 

This does not happen with Minecraft. I don't hear a sound come from my son. His head is drooped permanently in the down position, so much so that I am convinced he will complain of a sore neck later. He's like a little drone working, re-arranging, and doing whatever it is you do in Minecraft. Honestly, I think a smoke alarm could go off and he wouldn't hear it. 

So, obviously I am concerned. It's bordering on obsessive. And this is behavior from a kid who has to complete reading and homework before being able to play. I limit his time on devices so he certainly hasn't played for hours on end. But I think he would if he could.....and that is concerning. 

His birthday is coming up and he put Minecraft Legos on his birthday list. I find this very ironic.

I haven't made a final decision yet, but I am very close to deleting this game or at the very least, strictly limiting it's use by my son. 

Do your children play Minecraft? How do you feel about the game? Are they obsessed?

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