Happy Kids, Inc: Marbles.....and Influenster?
Sunday, November 23, 2014

Marbles.....and Influenster?

By Meg Hodson

I am pretty sure no one plays marbles on recess anymore at school. For shame! I have such fond memories of playing it with my friends in grade school. There were many steps to having a good marble collection, as well as getting good at the game. 

First, you needed a good marble set to start. I remember a five and dime store in my hometown called the "88 Cents Store". Most items were 88 cents, or the price ended in .88. Well, they had a pretty awesome marble collection. I didn't have a lot of allowance money to spend, so I chose wisely. Some were small, standard marbles; others were larger, sparkly marbles,,,,,the ones everyone wanted to win when they played. 

Some of those first marble games with friends were rough. I was lucky if I would win one good one.....after losing numerous of my prized possessions. But you know what they say, practice makes perfect. The more I played, the better I got. I was committed! Pretty soon I needed a small nap sack to carry my marbles out to recess. 

Photo credit: Visualphotos.com
So, what does marbles have to do with social influencer site Influenster? Well, think of it this way. When you first sign up for Influenster, it may take a long time before you qualify for one of their treasured Vox Boxes. A Vox Box is a themed package of numerous goodies from brands that would like you to try their product and talk about it on social media. Well, you might need to flex some social media muscle first before receiving one of these fun boxes. But believe me, just like those treasured marbles, they are worth the effort and wait. 

Just like the more I played marbles, the better I became.....the more you "play" on Influenster, the more badges you will earn, which will ultimately lead to more opportunities on the site. Think of badges as becoming an expert in a given category. For example, if you think you are a cosmetic expert, you might choose to write a lot of quality reviews to receive the Beauty Queen badge. As you keep earning more badges, your influence grows. Keep sharing your reviews on social media and before you know it, one of those prized Vox Boxes may be yours.

You can visit the Influenster site for more information.....or leave a comment below and I may have a few invites for ya!

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