Happy Kids, Inc: Building Your Brand With A Hashtag
Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Building Your Brand With A Hashtag

By Meg Hodson

Hashtags are an old friend at this point on social media.  Hashtags have been commonplace since the inception of Twitter and Instagram; even on Facebook, hashtags are becoming the norm.  We use them to chat about fun topics like #WorldCup or the #Oscars.  We have live chats based around them.  They are also a huge identifying piece to campaigns and brands (think of the recent viral scope of the #IceBucketChallenge for ALS). 

Brands are seeing the importance of using hashtags.  It's fairly obvious that a beer company should use hashtags that correlate with their brand, such as #beer or #craftbeer.  But I've noticed (with a smile on my face) that many brands are finding their own unique, brand-specific hashtag to add to their logos, advertisements, cover photos, business cards, and other marketing materials. Why is this important?

Branding Hashtag Social Media

1. Spreading A Message.  Whether your hashtag is your tag line as a brand or a motto, you can use it to spread a message.  Many of you might be familiar with Coca-Cola's latest campaign with names on cans and bottles, hoping customers will find their name and #ShareACoke. Coke gets a 2-for-1 with this hashtag, spreading both their brand name and a message.  They are directing customers to do something specific through a hashtag.....brilliant.

2. Creating A Culture Around Your Brand. I recently noticed Bud Light is using the hashtag #UpForWhatever with their brand. I've noticed it on posters and on their Twitter profile. While seeing that hashtag by itself would not make you think of beer or Bud Light, that's not the point. They are creating a culture, a feeling, a vibe by associating that hashtag with their brand. It''s an extension of the brand specifically for social media. It personalizes the brand, which is so important these days on social channels.

3. Show You Are Connected.  Hashtags are important. I get frustrated with brands that don't use them on social media. Hashtags are a way for people to talk about your brand on social sites. Why wouldn't you want to capitalize on that?

4. Don't Use Too Many Hashtags. Don't dilute your brand with too many hashtags. Choose 1 or 2 that you truly want to define your brand. You don't want to spread your message loosely across numerous hashtags; keep people together with less. 

What are some of your favorite hashtags you have seen brands using lately?

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