Happy Kids, Inc: Would I Still Be This Cool Without Children?
Friday, July 11, 2014

Would I Still Be This Cool Without Children?

By Meg Hodson

I suppose I would call myself a pretty cool person.  I'm nice.  I went to college.  I've traveled a lot. I like a good dinner and yummy cocktails with friends on a Friday night.  

I became a parent 10 years ago.  I definitely didn't know, like most parents, how drastic a shift my life would take. Your world shifts to a focus on this new person in your life. I struggled to find that balance between mommy life and my life.  Wait, weren't they one in the same now with a child? While my schedule and perspective certainly changed (for the better), I couldn't help but wonder.....is this my "new life"? Is this the "new me"?

As a mother, it's easy to put myself last on the list of priorities. Honestly, when I see other Mom's with perfectly set hair, make-up to the nines, and fit as can be, I automatically assume they must have housekeepers, stylists, and personal trainers. How can they possibly pull that off WITH KIDS? It's hard to pull yourself together at times; I know all Moms face this challenge at some point in their lives. It's not that I don't want to wear make-up everyday; I honestly don't always have the time.

But remember, I am a COOL person. I said that at the beginning of this post, right? Even if I have a t-shirt on with holes in it, even if my coffee gets cold.....I have been to EUROPE gosh darn it, I have lived.

Sure, I have photos of my cool moments.  But many momentous slices of my life occurred before social media. Ah yes, the juggernaut that is social media.  We paint beautiful pictures everyday of our lives via social sites.  We get admiration and self-confidence based on likes, new followers gained, glowing comments made on our photos.  

While I am a big fan and proponent of social media, I like to call out it's flaws from time to time.  For example, I'll take pictures of my messy house and post it as a "real life" photo online.  But most of the time, I share photos from my life and posts from my blog with a truthful heart.  My followers seem to be engaged with my content.  

Most of what I post does revolve around my children.  Whether it's a dinner out, a recipe I created for them, a family vacation, or their latest accomplishment, I can't help but share them. And they look quite cute doing it.  I look at my parade of photos on Instagram; their smiles and their antics are definitely winning fans. 

But I often pause and have the thought that my kids make me look cooler than I actually am. Would I still be this cool on social media without children? The answer is a cautious yes. While I know I have made an impression on them, I will give them some of the credit for their personality on camera (and off).  Dare I venture to say that my wow factor is off the charts because of my kids. Sure, if my life led me to not have children, I certainly would have wonderful things to share on social media.  But they ultimately make it more fun and fulfilling. Throw in the fun adventures I get to do as a blogger and it's a social media match made in heaven. And that's pretty darn cool.

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