Happy Kids, Inc: Reaching Blog Milestones
Friday, July 25, 2014

Reaching Blog Milestones

By Meg Hodson

Blogging and writing has been quite an adventure for me from the beginning.  There are many emotions and excitement that one feels when first beginning a new project, such as a blog.  I could have never imagined I would be where I am today when I started my blog.  

Blog milestones are definitely important. When I clicked over 1000 followers on Instagram recently, it made me feel great. Obviously enough, I took a moment to reflect on the path to get to that point.  I had started this, my 2nd Instagram account, in conjunction with the start of my blog. It quickly became my main account for personal use.  It's one of my favorite ways to connect with close friends as well as blogging colleagues.

Blog Milestones

But Instagram is a funny one when it comes to the numbers.  While reaching that milestone is humbling, what does it prove? I know Instagrammers with 200 followers that will get more likes than myself on a photo. With so many young users on Instagram, the definition of "engagement" takes a new form. What I do know is that the relationships I have created on Instagram are valuable. While "likes" are important and a good ego booster, it's not the be all, end all to success as a blogger.

I can't forget that I have a blog that I hope people are reading. But I am quick to point out that social media is an extension of my blog.  I share the articles I write on social media. But sometimes, I share on Facebook or Twitter only, asking questions and creating conversation. There are days I don't want to write at all and just talk with people. Sometimes my blog is Twitter or Instagram, albeit for a short while. Other times, I can't stop the writing process and almost have too many posts to share at once. I use social media as a gentle reminder to drop by and read what I have to say.

I am happy with all blog milestones that I reach. While follower benchmarks may be the most gratifying, there are others, too. I will never forget when American Idol tweeted me directly, inviting me to become a VIP blogger for them with behind-the-scenes access. Maybe it's a retweet from a famous person that is a huge stepping stone that leads to other opportunities. When readers leave positive comments on my blog, it touches me every time. Relish the tiny milestones and the big ones on your blog.....and everyday.

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